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Sacramento ACLU Annual Membership Meeting & Education Forum

Sacramento ACLU Annual Membership Meeting & Education Forum Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association 2791 24th Street, Sacramento, California Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Sign-In & Networking & food Welcome & Introduction of MC - Betty Williams & Introduces Executive Committee MC - Tess - Introduction of Participates in Education Forum    Allow community to ask questions of participants (time limit of 2 minutes each) MC - Tess - Introduce Dr. Mary Bell to Explain and initiate the Nomination process

Recommendations for the Sacramento County ACLU Board of Directors

2014 Recommendations for the Sacramento County ACLU Board of Directors are Continuing Board Members:

1. Tessnim Ahmad 

2. Silver Allen

3. Youa Her

(4) Dale McKinney

(5) Jonathan Taylor

(6) Betty Williams

Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the December 3, 2013 Annual Meeting.


Stop SB 806 Before it Legalizes 'Big Brother' Licence Plates

SB 806 in the Cal Leg will digitize licence plates. Why is that bad?

“It means everyone driving in California will have their location accessible to the government at any time,” said Nate Cardozo, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


Restore the 4th

July 4th, 1 PM, Cesar Chavez Park, Sacramento Ca



Acts of Journalism and the Espionage Act

Acts of Journalism and the Espionage Act

By  on 8:10 am Fri, Jun 28, 2013

Earlier this month, federal prosecutors filed a formal criminal complaint against Edward Snowden charging him with three felonies for leaking information about the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs to Glenn Greenwald at the Guardian and Barton Gellman at the Washington Post. Two of those charges were filed under the 1917 Espionage Act.

Minority Report for 2014

Something to think about

Minority Report for 2014

The most insidious aspect of general surveillance is not illegal privacy invasion. It is even not the full personal history that enables indefinite retroactive incrimination.

The biggest danger lies from exclusive access to large data sets unavailable to others. Mining this data may provide novel actionable inferences, existence of which is out of grasp of the general public.

Jonathan Turley: Nixon has won Watergate

Nixon has won Watergate

Barack Obama's imperial presidency is just what his controversial predecessor wanted.

This month, I spoke at an event commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Watergate scandal with some of its survivors at the National Press Club. While much of the discussion looked back at the historic clash with President Nixon, I was struck by a different question: Who actually won? From unilateral military actions to warrantless surveillance that were key parts of the basis for Nixon's impending impeachment, the painful fact is that Barack Obama is the president that Nixon always wanted to be.

Think Outside the Box

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results ~ Albert Einstein

Did you know the state of California spends $11.7 b, 11% of the annual budget on incarceration? Which is chimerical at best, because legislators, and many people think that the more money you spend on locking people up, the more you’re deterring crime, but evidence suggests that that’s not close to being true. To be honest, there are exceptions to the rule, but in the vast majority of cases all you’re doing is setting people up for a life of crime  

The current California criminal justice system as it currently exists, is highly dysfunctional, and inefficient, as far as rehabilitation goes, and also from a budgetary standpoint.  

ACLU Sacramento Town Hall Meeting to Address Impact of Mass Incarceration on Education Funding

ACLU Sacramento Town Hall Meeting to Address Impact of Mass Incarceration on Education Funding 

Assemblyman Roger Dickinson (D-Sacramento) to Lead Discussion of California Budget Crisis and the Need to Re-Order Budgetary Priorities on THURSDAY, April 25 at 6 p.m. at Sacramento Convention Center

April 22, 2013

Will Matthews, ACLU of Northern California, (415) 293-6409 or wmatthews@aclunc.org

SACRAMENTO – The American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California is convening a town hall meeting at the Sacramento Convention Center Thursday, April 25 at 6 p.m. featuring Assemblyman Roger Dickinson (D-Sacramento), who will lead a discussion about the ways in which California’s outsized spending on incarceration has a direct impact on the state’s decreasing investment in higher education.

Brunch with Marjorie Cohn, or, How Drones Pass on a Poisoned Chalice to Future Generations

The above video is from a different event, but gives much of the same info as I have below


This weekend former National Lawyers Guild President Marjorie Cohn was here in Sacramento for a panel discussion about drones during the California Democratic convention at the California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus meeting on Saturday. I didn’t make it downtown for the panel discussion, but she graciously accepted an invitation to a Sunday morning potluck brunch discussion on drones. I made a point to get myself to this.


I’m not a professional writer or anything, and I write slower than I type ;-) and I missed some things while taking my notes, so hopefully I won’t misrepresent anything that was said, too badly.

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